Track and Field Venues

Track and Field Venues

Toronto offers the best track and field venues fields which are coincidently the hottest spots in the city. Track and field activities offer endless possibilities and the only thing you need to do is to show up. Sometimes, you may want to do some track or field activities and you miss a place.

Whether you are exercising which is good for body or you are having fun, then there are numerous spots in Toronto that can accommodate you. Many of these venues are already prepared for you throw, run, play on, and even kick. The following are some of the popular track and field venues in Toronto:

Varsity Stadium

University of Toronto stadium is a 5,000-seat strong venue that has among the most impressive and expansive field in the city. It also has artificial turf field with a state of the art 400 meters eight-track lane. The venue is commonly booked for international games and other intramural competitions; hence if you are looking for an expansive and modern venue then Varsity is the place to be.


Sunnybrook is a beautiful part that is located to the northeast of city centre and it offers a wonderful scenic view alternative to other parks. The park has several fields including for cricket and soccer, it is surrounded by numerous bike trails and even dog parts making the venue magnificent in every way. So, if you are looking for a venue with wonderful scenery and quite a lot of activities to do your thing, then Sunnybrook offers the opportunity.Read page at for more tips.

Keelesdale Park

The park is renowned for having among the two of the best baseball diamonds in the city. The diamond on the southern side is, unfortunately, unlit, hence it is only during day time that you use of the outdoors. On the northern side of the park, it’s nicely fenced and lit with hardball diamond. The northern side is a popular one and it’s used for baseball games in the summer.

Cherry Beach Fields

Track and Field VenuesIf you are looking to practice some game with your friends or loiter around with some activities, then the Cherry beach fields have the best. The fields have a two regulation elite soccer fields and lacrosse fields that make the beach thee the best spot for recreational sports. It has several artificial fields which can accommodate sports activities like football, soccer, field hockey, ultimate Frisbee, and other recreational sports leagues for the summer.

Birchmount Stadium

The stadium is located at Kingston road within Birchmount. It is generally a multipurpose stadium for outdoor activities and it is known for hosting various amateur events. It has an astroturf field which is always in a good condition built in 2006. An eight-lane track surrounds the field and it is open to the public on summer. The stadium is a popular stadium for the public as it is freely open and offers an opportunity to engage in various outdoor activities. If you are looking for a venue with plenty of space and free then Birchmount stadium offers the opportunity.