How to Stay Fit When You Have to Sit

If you are an athlete than you don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to fitness and moving however, if you are a sports broadcaster or any other job that requires you to sit on your rear all day than it might be a little more difficult to stay sit especially when you have to sit. According to an article on Business Insider, with people sitting more than they ever use to before might explain the sudden increase in health issues such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Is there a way for you to sit and do your job without sacrificing your health? Some of the options you could apply include: giving yourself an adjustable desk, giving the good old treadmill desk a try, working out with the team, have walking lunches and meetings, and alternate between sitting at your desk and standing at your desk. If none of these are possible for you than you might be able to exercise at your desk while you are sitting. Some sitting desk exercises include: leg straightener (lifting leg about three inches), cheek scrunches (tighten rear for five seconds), foot alphabet (drawing the alphabet with your toes), chair pushes (pushing yourself from your desk), arm circles (make circles with your arms), and pelvic tilts (bending forward in your chair).


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